Enact Term Limits

We need citizen legislators and business leaders serving in Montgomery who will promote real reforms and not just worry about their next election.   

For too long, the career politicians and special interests have had a stranglehold on the inner workings of our government. Term limits, where legislators have a limited time to serve in one position, will bring new ideas to the legislature and with it, new solutions.

I will immediately propose instituting term-limits for all state legislators - holding them to no more than three consecutive terms in each chamber, for a maximum of twelve years.

The way I see it, if you cannot accomplish something after twelve years, it's time to go home and earn a real pay check.  

In addition to term limits, I also will propose cutting the legislative calendar by ten days or moving the legislature to meeting every other year - like Texas. This will save taxpayers millions of dollars and stop unnecessary bills from passing, just so a legislator can say that they passed something.