Reform the Tax Code

Alabama’s current income tax structure is out-dated, overly complex, and it hinders free-market growth. As a result, hardworking families suffer.

More than 25 states across the nation have embarked on significant tax reform in the last few years. It is apparent that each of them realize they are in a competition for jobs and growth. By improving their tax policies, they create a business and family-friendly environment which lends itself to prosperity for those who live and do business there.

But here in Alabama, special interests and career politicians have spent years rigging the tax code with special interest tax carve-outs.

I want to make Alabama's tax code simple, low, and effective in order to compete with neighboring states. In my short time in Montgomery, I have vigorously fought for tax reform in our state. Why? Because I know we can do better.

As Governor, I will promote legislation that would create a flat tax (or alternatively a fair tax) for all individuals. This will lessen the complexity of filing your taxes, saving many families an average of $300 per year. I believe the best way to attract new businesses and create jobs is to radically change our tax code so it's fairer and flatter.