Improve Distance Learning and High School Readiness

The state of Alabama needs to do a better job helping parents prepare children to enter the workplace and give them the tools they need to succeed.

Not every student has the desire to go to college, so why does the state continue a one-size-fits-all approach to education? I believe our education system should be focused on developing each child's God-given talents, instead of simply assuming everyone wants a four-year college degree.

As Governor, I will propose legislation to:

1. Create a dual track diploma system in our high schools so students can continue studying liberal arts in preparation for college, or they can work toward a vocational track that teaches them real hands-on skills, so they can enter the workplace upon graduation.

2. Improve distance learning capabilities at our two-year universities and connect them with our high schools to teach specialized courses for dual enrollment or vocational training for certification programs. I want to work with local businesses - that desperately need skilled workers - to develop these programs.

3. Shrink the level of bureaucracy in our education system to ensure more of our tax dollars reach the classroom. I have never met a teacher who doesn't want to do a good job in preparing their students for the future. What our teachers need is support, not more administration. This support includes such things as expanded STEM programs, mobile material experts who support teaching, and more nurses in the schools to free the teachers up so they can focus upon what they do best... teach.