Improve Alabama Roads, Bridges & Infrastructure

The roads and infrastructure of Alabama are in desperate need of repair. I have always taken the position that we need to find ways to fund these repairs without raising taxes. 

As Governor, I will propose legislation to:

1. Sell and exchange our large inventory of un-used lands & buildings owned by the state, to create a funding mechanism to begin repairing our roads. This will include selling dormant state land as well as utilizing creative business mechanisms such as sale-lease-back. Some of America’s greatest companies utilize this method, so why shouldn’t we? The state should not be holding onto dormant buildings and land, while expecting you to pay more taxes. Sell the land, build the roads.

2. Privatize and streamline the Department of Transportation to save the state millions of dollars and re-direct those resources to pay for infrastructure improvements.

3. Create an Alabama Road and Bridge Commission to make the state government more responsive to local needs. Presently, road building is driven by political favors and not sound infrastructure planning cycles. My plan will enhance commerce, save lives, and address community needs in a prioritized manner. It will also ensure that long-term construction plans are predictable and steady, so Alabama’s road and bridge builders can build, equip and maintain their staff, which holds tremendous institutional knowledge. This will improve our roads and help job growth.

4. Extend the use of lightly-used state fleet cars to create additional capital to invest in road improvement.

5. Commission a High-Speed Rail Study Commission to explore the feasibility of connecting our major cities. This will increase tourism from the North Alabama mountains to the sunny coast, assist lower income households, and increase the linkage between major cities of the Southeast. The Southeastern United States is a powerful economic resource, and we need to continue to build on our past success.

6. Recognize that technology is rapidly changing how we view and utilize transportation, and plan Alabama’s future with that in mind. Alabama will be a leader in technology adoption, improving the quality of life and decreasing harmful emissions in our state.