Protect the Unborn

I'm prolife, and Alabama is a leader in the culture of life. It is my desire that every state in the nation look to Alabama as the best example of a state which creates, supports, and enables life.

As a state senator I have fought for the pro-life cause. I have supported and encouraged every piece of pro-life legislation considered in the legislature, as well as initiated and passed the law which makes it unlawful to sell baby body parts in Alabama. This is not just a recent political add-on issue for me, but my wife and I have worked with our local women’s center for decades.

Alabama's culture of life is reflected well in the number of privately-funded Women’s Health Centers across the state. These centers provide vital services like sonograms, health counseling, STD prevention, counseling, as well as pre- and post-natal care.

And they benefit not only women, but also children. Proper care of the baby, while in the womb, enables a healthier and stronger child throughout life. These children will one day be the leaders of our state.

Too often, many women do not have the treasured traditional family structures Alabama has enjoyed historically. And often they are alone -- without someone to mentor them in parenthood. These Women Resource Centers help to fill that purpose and should remain largely privately funded to enable the philanthropic spirit of many Alabamians. They also bring such an incredible benefit to our society. 

As governor, I'll make sure these important centers thrive, and that the state helps them to provide their care for women and their unborn. This is a long-term investment in our families and children which should be encouraged.